Myth or Fact? Test your Corridor Knowledge

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

This is going to be a fun one, folks! How much do YOU know about the Corridor and our region? I’m guessing many of you are fairly confident in your knowledge of the place you call home, but how much do you really know? Here’s a chance to quiz yourself & learn some new things about our wonderful area.


Myth or Fact: West Okoboji is the deepest natural lake in Iowa.

Fact! With a depth of 136 feet, West Lake Okoboji is the deepest in the state. Keep track of your points as you go!

west lake

Myth or Fact: The Iowa Lakes Corridor staff is made up of 10 employees.

Myth! Our staff is a little family of 5. Kathy Evert, our fabulous President and CEO; Brian Dalziel, our Senior Vice President; Joanne Follon, our Office Manager and mother of the group; Tina Sherrill-Range, the Business-Education Partnership Professional and newest member of our staff; and lastly, me, Alexa Guessford – I’m the Communications and Events Coordinator for the bunch. Now that you know us all, don’t be a stranger!

Myth or Fact: The Corridor only serves Clay and Dickinson county.

Myth! We started out only serving Clay and Dickinson but increased our reach to Buena Vista and Emmet county! Now with our “L” shape of commitment, we are better able to help and grow the economy of Northwest Iowa.


Myth or Fact: The largest glacier-made lake in the state is Spirit Lake.

Fact! Spirit Lake is the largest glacier-made lake in Iowa. To be a glacier lake, a glacier has to erode the land surrounding it and then melt, filling the hole that it created. A little Limnology (the study of freshwater science) for your Wednesday afternoon.

Myth or Fact: We have offices in each of the 4 counties we serve.

Myth! Although we have a presence in each county, our office is only located in Spencer. If you’re ever driving on Grand, take a little detour two blocks East to 2nd Avenue and say “hi!” We love visitors and we have chocolate!


Myth or Fact: Another Limnology question for ya – East Okoboji is the longest lake in Iowa.

Fact! At 16 miles, East Okoboji is the longest natural lake in the state. Not only do we have the deepest and largest glacier-made lakes in the state, but the longest, too! We are one cool region. ;)

east lake

Myth or Fact: The Iowa Lakes Corridor office building was previously a pet store.

Fact! We get calls here all the time asking about pets, pet products, you name it. I’m just waiting for the day someone brings in their dog to get groomed, takes one look around our office & notices that we do not have a single pet toy in sight.


Myth or Fact: Our office works for Iowa Lakes Community College.

Myth! Even though we both have “Iowa Lakes” in our names, we are not associated with the college. Yes, we work with them on projects here & there, but we do not work for them. We get that question a lot!

Myth or Fact: The Corridor has 143 investors.

Fact! Our investors make it possible each year to develop ideas and campaigns that will help sustain growth in our region. All 143 of them contribute to our success. For a complete list, click here.

Myth or Fact: We have 12 members that serve on our Board of Directors.

Fact! Our 2013-2014 board consists of 12 members, three from each of the four counties. They include Dick Drahota, Mary Kay Bates, Fred Moore, Larry Anderson, Brad Simington, Dave Woodcock, Valerie Newhouse, Rick Olesen, Pat Reno, Barry Sackett, Bill Bumgarner and Steve Pick.


Myth or Fact: There is one Hy-Vee located in each of the counties we serve.

Fact! What would we do without Hy-Vee? They have gotten us out of a pickle a time or two, for sure. Each one is an investor of the Corridor, as well. We’re pretty darn lucky!


Myth or Fact: The Iowa Lakes Corridor staff conducts 4 (quarterly) Cost of Living Index surveys.

Myth! We do conduct these Cost of Living surveys, but only 3 times a year. Every January, April & July our staff hits the town to collect data. The information is then put into the COLI database, which correlates directly with our website. The whole process is super cool & gives whomever an excellent prediction of where they need to be in order to live in this region with their existing lifestyle.

Myth or Fact: Our Dream Big Grow Here competition is currently taking place.

Fact! Get your business hopes & dreams submitted quickly! They are due on October 20th, which will be coming up on us faster than we know it.


Myth or Fact: Business Recognition Award nominations are due October 14th.

Fact! Our Business Recognition Luncheon is right around the corner, which means we are seeking nominations for the following awards: Large Business Excellence, Small Business Excellence & Entrepreneur of the Year. If you know a business or individual worthy of recognition, fill out the form here and send it our way!


You know the phrase, “you learn something new everyday?” Well, I hope that “something” came from this post. Our region is really a great place to live, work & play – we hope you think so, too!

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- Alexa Guessford


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