GrapeTree Medical Staffing creating jobs for newcomers, Iowa lakes area residents alike

Thursday, October 13, 2016

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Of GrapeTree Medical Staffing's 27 new employees in 2016, seven have moved to the Iowa Lakes region from another location.

Those locations include: South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Cedar Falls and Des Moines. 

The other 20 positions were filled by folks already living in the area. Two of those invidiuals, including Mark Gaworski, moved to the area for prior jobs. 

Gaworski, who is now GrapeTree's Vice President of Finance, said he was considering moving away from the area several months ago in search of a higher-level accounting and finance position.

"I was fortunate to connect with Tim (Kinnetz, GrapeTree President/CEO) and was hired as the Vice President of Finance," Gaworski said. "I relocated from Spencer to Arnolds Park instead of the Des Moines area or another metro area. I was very happy to be able to stay in the Iowa Lakes Corridor area and be part of a growing, innovative company."

Our region needs concerted efforts like GrapeTree's to grow in population. 

The Iowa Lakes Corridor's goal is to see five percent growth in five years. We've named that initiative the Five by Five Campaign

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