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Posted on: March 19, 2019 • Archive: March 19, 2020

Roberto Castillo

General Manager

Categories: Management, Operations, Credit, Collections, Logistics
Job Type: Full-Time
Pay Type: Salary
Compensation: $9000/yr
Education: Master's Degree

Phone 1: +01150688398323
Roberto Castillo
Casa 8B, Bosques de Dona Rosa
Belen, Heredia 40701
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Full spectrum general management experience. STRENGTHS • Experienced corporate liaison to clients, staff, vendors and governmental officials • Experienced addressing business growth, cost reduction and service improvement • Creative and successful in developing internal programs to increase efficiency • Solid ability to assess situations and implement successful plans of action • Excellent bilingual communications skills (English, Spanish) • Portuguese as third language • Advanced computer literacy: Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Access, Power Point)

Profit and loss Development Operations Execution Planning

Other Information:
Private Pilot Airplane Mountain Biker Mountain Bike Trail builder and operator
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