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Turkey Day

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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The Thanksgiving meal is all about variety: Turkey on a platter, bread in a basket, bowls of potatoes, stuffing (Perhaps you say dressing?), green beans, and cranberry salad.


But what holds it all together? The unsung hero, gravy.


Gravy gooses the turkey, gravy leavens the bread. And as for those mashed potatoes, without gravy, they’re just clumpy spoonfuls of disappointment.


At the Corridor, we’re proud to be gravy. In the great banquet that is the four-county region, we’re everywhere touching on nearly everything. Retail development? Industrial expansion? Housing? A dollop of Corridor makes them all better.


Now, the Corridor—like gravy—is not a main dish. It’s not even a side. The heart of the table belongs to schools, hospitals, churches, government, nonprofits, and the hundreds of employers that make our communities go and grow. For them, we give thanks.


The role of economic development is humbler. Often it goes unnoticed until the job market gets dry and starchy. We’re blessed this year, though, to look back on a full menu of success. To know that our friends and neighbors are enjoying a harvest that the Corridor helped gather. Well, that really floats our–gravy—boat.


Happy Thanksgiving.

Kiley Miller, President & CEO

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