The Iowa Lakes Corridor region is home to a very dynamic and diverse collection of industries, skills, abilities and work experiences. Data collected by Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) reveal the following about the region’s workforce:

  • 83.7% employed
    • 27.6% willing to change employment for the right opportunity
    • 18.6% actively seeking employment
  • 7.5% unemployed
    • 65.5% willing/able to re-enter the workforce
  • 2.7% homemakers
    • 56.7% willing to re-enter the workforce
  • 6.1% retired
    • 27.9% willing to re-enter the workforce

More than three-quarters of the residents have some education/training beyond high school; 17.1% have an associate degree; 4.2% have completed vocational training; 5.7% are trade certified; 22.7% have an undergraduate degree; and 9.5% have a postgraduate/professional degree. Commuting data indicates those residents willing to change or accept new employment in the region are willing to commute an average of 24 miles one way.

Fringe Benefits are a key factor in a resident’s decision to change or accept new employment opportunities. A regional workforce needs assessment, which includes a fringe benefit profile was developed by Iowa Workforce Development. Click here to review the Iowa Workforce Development report and see how your company's fringe benefits compare to the regional averages.

For detailed information about an industry cluster or community in the region, please contact us at the Iowa Lakes Corridor. We will work with you and Iowa Workforce Development to provide the information needed to help in your business decisions