Iowa Lakes Corridor Cost of Living

Cost of Living

A low cost of living and affordable housing prices are important to workers looking to relocate. Housing costs are the strongest component when measuring the affordability of a state.

As of 2010, Iowa’s median home value of $122,000 was over $65,500 less than the U.S. median home value of $187,500. Median housing values in the Corridor region are generally low, ranging from $78,600 to $153,000; the high value is due to the number of lakefront properties in Dickinson County. Homes not located on lakefront property fall below the statewide median home value.

The Corridor participates in the ACCRA Cost of Living Index (COLI) along with other small cities across the United States. The composite index for the region is just above the national average of 100.0. If considering relocating or staying in this region, we have subscribed to the ACCRA salary calculator (below), where you can enter the community where you currently reside and your current salary, then the community you are considering; the calculator will provide you a comparable salary for that community. This is also a good tool for existing employers when interviewing and considering candidates from outside the region.