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12 Feb 2014


Well, it’s about that time again…internship season. Students everywhere are beginning to look for and secure internships. We have some awesome services for everyone to get involved with. If you are seeking an internship, feel free to visit our website and check out what companies have available this upcoming season. This is also a chance for you, the student, to upload a resume for potential employers to view. Employers – you can visit this page, as well. Here, you will find available job candidates/interns to fill your positions. Seems like a win-win to me! :)

job side barAt the Corridor, we strive to make interns feel welcome. We have committed ourselves to compiling a list of individuals who will be interning in the area & providing them with special goodies. This can range from helping them find a roommate and place to live to hosting activities for chances to network. Pretty jealous I didn’t take advantage of this during my college days.


Want to stick around Clay County? The Spencer Area Jobs Trust Internship Program is just for you.

Specific to Clay County, the Spencer Area Jobs Trust internship program is definitely one to apply for. It’s pretty cool how the whole process works (which I’ll explain in just a little bit). First, I’d like to share more about the program…just to get your mind headed in the right direction.

Since starting in 2010, the number of companies and students who have taken advantage of the opportunity has drastically increased. The goal is to connect talented students with existing employers in Clay County. This ultimately provides a substantial learning experience for students, while helping employers recruit and retain skilled workers. Typically, $15,000-$20,000 is awarded to employers through Spencer Jobs Trust each year.

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You might remember Carrie Cunningham, our Summer intern, featuring these students in 2013. You can check out some of her intern stories here.

Who’s eligible to apply?

There are two terms for the program – Semester & Summer. A semester internship must last a minimum of 14 weeks, averaging 10 hours of work per week. An intern during the summer must work eight, 30 hour weeks. Employers are allowed 3 interns per fiscal year.

Employers: For-profit businesses based in Clay County. These companies can be public, private, employee-owned or family-owned. Ineligible parties include not-for-profit organizations and city, state and federal employers.

Students: U.S. Citizens that attend any college or university, including community college. These students must be within two years of graduation.

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But, wait, there’s more….

There are awards (aka money!) given to both the students and employers. Interns will get paid, yes that’s right, paid for their services. This wage is determined by the average regional wage for Clay County – at least $15.20 per hour. There is good news for employers, too! Businesses will get reimbursed (dollar for dollar) up to $3,000 for their intern. For example, if the student earns $4,000 over the course of the internship, the employer will fund $2,000 and Spencer Area Jobs Trust will fund the other $2,000. Such a cool opportunity.

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The deadline to apply is Friday, April 11th. Award winners will be notified by Friday, April 25th. Last year, we had 6 companies & 8 interns take advantage of the program. The feedback we got was overwhelmingly positive. Feel free to check it out!

Interested? Contact Joanne Follon at our office for more information, or 712.264.3474.

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- Alexa Guessford