Corridor participates in BEST of Iowa interviews

26 Mar 2014

News Release

The Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation has begun its 2014 Business Expansion & Strategic Trends (BEST) of Iowa interviews, previously known in the Corridor as the Existing Industry Call Program. BEST of Iowa is a strategic partnership that will provide a state-wide existing business strategy. This is the sixth annual BEST of Iowa effort. The Corridor has conducted these interviews for the past eight years.

The program is used to identify opportunities for growth, potential threats to retain jobs and any impediments that discourage local expansion.  Economic development organizations are dedicated to collecting this data for the betterment of the state, their regions and communities.

“Based on research, existing business and industries account for 70 percent or more of all new jobs,” said Kathy Evert, CEO and President of the Iowa Lakes Corridor. “In our region, it has been historically higher, about 90%.  It is important that we take time to talk one-on-one with our existing employers about their business and industry and do all we can to help them remain competitive in our global economy.”

Corridor staff is conducting in-depth interviews with major employers in manufacturing, ag-related and service-related businesses in the region to gather information. A standard questionnaire is used for each company visit to help accurately identify individual business needs, concerns and suggestions about the local business climate. 29 companies were interviewed in 2013; 30 or more will be completed this year.

Upon completion of these interviews, the Corridor will compile all the information, continue to monitor trends, and adjust its work plans accordingly.  Company information is confidential, and all reports are done in aggregate form.