Young Professionals Spotlight: Cody Steinkamp

23 Apr 2014


Wednesday is quickly becoming my new favorite day of the week (and not for the reason you’re thinking – the “Hump Day” thing drives me bonkers). But..the YP Spotlight is published every Wednesday and that’s 10 times cooler. Meeting all these young people, listening to their stories and sharing them with you has been a real treat so far.

Today, we have a very special celebration. Cody Steinkamp, a Spencer native, is celebrating his 22nd birthday. I’m not sure how we managed to sync the two but I feel pretty cool about it. So, if you wouldn’t mind, please help me in wishing Mr. Steinkamp a very happy birthday! :)


Cody graduated from South Dakota State University with his degree in Economics in 2013. His college journey didn’t last quite as long as most; he was able to graduate in just 3 years. Upon completion, Cody began his career with Farm Bureau in Spencer.

“I started here right away in June. I wasn’t sure I wanted to come back to Spencer after I graduated, but this was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.”

cody 3

In July of 2013, Cody was asked to take over a large book of business in the region. He gladly accepted and has been going full force ever since.

Since Cody is originally from the area, coming back to family and friends was a major plus.

“I’m really close to my family, so being just a few blocks away from my parents and two brothers is something that I highly value. I wouldn’t be able to randomly stop over for dinner if I had moved out of state like I’d planned.”

At just 21 years of age, Cody had completed college, gotten his various insurance licenses and became a Farm Bureau Agent. Not too shabby for a youngster coming straight out of college..

“I was lucky enough to be offered a few other positions after I completed my internship at Northwestern Mutual; I finished in the top 2% during my time there and knew I’d have some opportunities come from that. But, ultimately I’d be better able to grow and develop at Farm Bureau, so I accepted the position here.”

cody 1

Cody didn’t always know he wanted to be in insurance. He thought about banking and other finance realms, as well. Growing up, he always thought he’d be a teacher and coach. Since he’s able to be his own boss, one of those is still a possibility.

“I swam and ran track/cross country all throughout high school and would love to get back into it. I received my coaching endorsement in college, so hopefully I’ll be able to coach in the near future.”

Along with setting his own schedule and workday, what does Cody enjoy most about his job being back in his hometown?

“I’m very familiar with the area having grown up in Spencer. I think the community here is great. It seems like everyone is out to help one another; you don’t find that in a lot of other places, especially in bigger cities.”

cody 2

Cody explained the size of Spencer is just right.

“It doesn’t take me very long to get to work..or anywhere in town. Plus, there’s enough to do here to keep me busy in both the summer and winter.”

And for fun?

“I like to run, swim, workout..but that’s just a given since high school. I hang out with my friends that are still in the area, and we go up to the lakes to socialize and meet new people. I’m always trying to meet new people, especially those similar in age.”

Cody has been an active member in the Young Professionals Group that was started just a few weeks ago. Bringing a younger presence to the Corridor region is something the members of YP, and Cody, are very much interested in.

Our next event is this Saturday, April 26th at 7:30 p.m. at West O Beer in Okoboji. Please feel free to grab a friend and meet us there!


Happy Birthday, Cody! and Happy Hump Day ;)

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- Alexa Guessford