Young Professionals Spotlight: Kristi Davis

7 May 2014


Can you believe it’s May 7th already? I was graduating from college one year ago…I can’t believe how fast time is flying by. Aaand what does May bring? Busy, busy, busy schedules. We are working away here at the Corridor, planning programs, events and promotions like crazy people. Throughout the madness, I am still able to meet with my youngsters. Today’s story focuses on Kristi Davis.

Kristi, a 22 year old Storm Lake-ian (just made that word up), has lived in the Corridor region her entire life. She currently works for Storm Lake United, the local Chamber of Commerce, and has done so since graduating from Iowa State University in May of 2013. Her decision to come back home was an easy one.


“My parents live on an acreage just outside of town and own two businesses here in Storm Lake. I’m really close to my family and knew I wanted to be close to them. This was the perfect opportunity for me to do so.”

The Davis’s own BV Stationary and Lakeside Marina & Campground, both of which I’ve taken full advantage of during my (now 5) years in Storm Lake.

kristi davis sign

Kristi explained why she picked Storm Lake United as her career path of choice. The small office feel was a major perk.

“I actually interned here the summer of my junior year. The Marketing Director at the time had left, so I fulfilled that position as an intern..totally intimidating. I had also heard through people in town that the Office Manager was going to retire about the time I was graduating, so I applied and got the job. It was nice because I had already been trained and knew the ropes from interning.”

Those are some pretty big responsibilities to handle as an intern and also as a new college grad. If any of you know Kristi, you know that she has the perfect personality and capability to handle just about anything that’s thrown at her. So, how did she get to her position as the Marketing and Activities Director?

“About 5 months into my job as Office Manager, our current Marketing Director announced she would be leaving. So, I was promoted and have been in this current role for about 7 months. They took my Office job and combined it with the Marketing Director’s job to make me, the Marketing and Activities Director.”

kristi slu

Kristi explained that it was a bit overwhelming at first to take on double-duty because she wasn’t educated on some of the accounting and building maintenance things that were required.

“I was a marketing major, so being thrown into payroll and expenses scared the crap out of me. I’m glad I’ve gotten that experience now, though, because it broadened my scope quite a bit. It definitely keeps me busy and makes the day go by faster. I can’t complain.”

There are many avenues a marketer can take upon graduation. Kristi chose the events route.

“I really love event planning. If I could plan events every day for the rest of my life, I’d be happy as a clam. I thrive off being able to say that I provide the community and its people with fun things to do and can bring everyone together for a special occasion.”

kristi grad

We talked a little bit about what she’s done with the existing programs already in place. Many activities are staying on the schedule, just simply being tweaked here and there for higher efficiency.

“We really haven’t planned anything new..yet. With my parents owning businesses in town, I’ve learned a lot about this community and the tourists we attract. I decided to just adjust some of our current events to make them more people-friendly and to get more bang for our buck. But stay tuned; new events may be in the works for next year.” :)

It’s been my perception, having grown up in a bigger city, that small town kids can’t wait to get out. These interviews have absolutely changed that way of thinking for me.

“I just love the lake. I couldn’t imagine living in a town without one, especially my hometown. It’s so great to be close to family and friends. The people here are so nice and are always trying to help you out. It’s all about the ‘Storm Lake experience,’ and that’s what drew me back. I’m 100% here to stay.”

kristi storm lake

“I debated moving away, especially during college when I was in Ames. I ultimately decided that it’s just no fun in bigger cities. Everything is so spread out and not very inviting. I can get everything I want here, a small town feel without all the big city problems. I mean, we’re known as being a top micropolitan..that has to count for something!”

And she would be correct; we were named a 2013 Top Micropolitan area. It’s great having that recognition and knowing that we can provide exactly what people are looking for.

What a testament to Storm Lake and the rest of the Corridor region!

kristi lake

Kristi loves the area, there’s no doubt about that. But, what does she like to do most?

“My family has a pontoon; there’s nothing better than grilling or laying out on the boat on a sunny summer day. I also joined Recess Fitness here in town and have had a lot of fun over there. My dad and I go on bike rides along the trails during the good weather months, and also snowmobile in the winter. It’s great.”

Those activities were on the long list. As we got to talking, one specific feature of Storm Lake topped the list.

La Juas guacamole. Oh my gosh! It’s just the greatest. Yep, that’s my favorite part, no doubt about it,” giggling throughout the entire sentence.

She is just a hoot. We had such a fun and hilarious conversation. We probably could have talked for two hours if time would have allowed. If you haven’t reached out to Storm Lake United and Kristi, you definitely should. She’s a great person to get to know and be in contact with.

kristi friends

On the YP Group front: Our next event is planned for next Friday, May 16th at 6:30 at Okoboji Classic Cars. Feel free to grab a friend and head out. It should be a really fun time! Contact me if you have any questions at

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See ya next week. :)

- Alexa Guessford