Young Professionals Spotlight: Kristen Morrison

16 Apr 2014


There’s a YP event tonight! Spencer Bowl is going to be hoppin’ with youngsters starting at 5:30. You’re more than welcome to join if you’d like a mid-week break. The cost is $6, and that gets you $0.25 games, $2.50 beer & free shoes. There should be another good crowd attending this one, so feel free to head on out.

Back to the Spotlight.. Kristen Morrison, the Store Manager of Maurices in Spencer, had coffee with me a few weeks ago. She’s new to the area and is extremely interested in being involved with a group of young professionals. Well, I have just the thing for her…


Kristen, who started with Maurices 10 years ago, was finally able to relocate in order to be closer to family. Spencer became her new home as of October 2013, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I’m originally from Ames and lived in Branson, Missouri for 13 years; I grew up in small farm community and have always loved the culture here in Iowa. I’ve traveled all over for Maurices and finally decided that being close to home was important, so I applied for the job here in Spencer and moved this way.”


Kristen was 20 when she got hired by Maurices, and was expected to fulfill a temporary position until the holidays were over. Shortly thereafter, she was asked to stay on full-time as an assistant manager. Since then, Kristen has been promoted from within the company and has relocated all over the country.

“Most recently, I was a district manager in St. Louis. I covered territory that included Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Texas and Louisiana. I was traveling all the time and focusing mostly on new store openings. Now I’m 30 and am ready to stay in one place for awhile. When I heard about the position in Spencer, I couldn’t apply fast enough.”

kristen maurices

Spencer wasn’t a hard sell, Kristen shared with me. Her family was excited for her to move to northwest Iowa.

“My family raved about Spencer. They said over and over how they would love to live here if they were to ever move. That really confirmed my desire to move back to Iowa.”

After spending a lot of time in Branson and then in St. Louis, Kristen was ready for a little less hustle and bustle. The atmosphere in the Corridor region is much different than that of large cities.

“It would take me an hour to get from one side of the city to the other in St. Louis – no thank you. I’ve always heard wonderful things about Spencer, from the community outreach to the friendly people that live here.”

kristen at work

Kristen explained that she immediately fell in love with the company after a few short months. The culture of Maurices is something she takes pride in and is happy to be a part of.

“We definitely have a unique family feel. I am doing the complete opposite of what I have my degree in; I’m a certified Nutritional Counselor. Strange thing is, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Not many people can say that.”

So far, Kristen has only lived in Spencer for six months. She has high hopes of getting out and about this summer season.

“I’m really looking forward to the lakes this summer because I’ve heard so much about them. I also really enjoy winter sports, but didn’t know many people to partake in them with. Hopefully that will change here soon.”

kristen outside

I asked Kristen what her favorite thing so far was. Her answer shouldn’t surprise you.

“The people and sense of community here is insane. I was telling my family just the other day that I feel more connected to Spencer already than I ever did in Branson. Granted, it’s a tourist town..but still!”

That’s exactly what I’ve been hearing all along – no surprise Kristen already feels a sense of belonging in just a few short months in the region.

“I’ve gotten involved at Hope Lutheran Church and have made some good friends that way. I have had an overwhelming positive response to being young in this town.

kristen at churchKristen, like many others, expressed interest in a Young Professionals Group.

“I was actually surprised to hear there wasn’t one already formed. The group is just another way for us to connect with one another and hopefully give back to the community.”

I think we found another young one that’s going to be with us for quite some time!

“Life can take you in funny places, I’ve learned. That being said, I don’t plan on leaving here. I’m just not into the big city thing. It kinda seems like we have it all here in Spencer.”

If anyone is interested in our YP events, email me at, or message me on Facebook letting me know you’d like to be added to the YP Facebook group. Bowling should be fun tonight!

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- Alexa Guessford