Young Professionals Spotlight: Brad Jungers

14 May 2014


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Back to the post..

Today, we’re featuring Brad Jungers of Bank Plus Iowa. This 26 year old, Cherokee native, was able to land some pretty sweet gigs right here in our very own Corridor region. A 2010 University of Northern Iowa grad, Brad was fortunate to only go a few weeks without employment.

“I moved to Estherville because my wife is a teacher and was able to find a job at Graettinger-Terril after she graduated; she completed her degree a year before me. I was shocked at how many available jobs were in the area.”


Brad explained he started at NorthStar Bank straight out of college, handling various types of insurance. A few short years later, a recruiter found Brad and asked if he’d be interested in Ag Lending.

“I always liked my math and accounting classes in high school, which is why I chose to get my accounting degree in the first place. I liked what I was doing at the time but knew I would much enjoy some other avenues of the business. Ag Lending is something I’ve always been interested in.”

Me, being ignorant to farm towns, had no idea what Ag Lending even was. You’d think I could figure out from the title.. But, if you’re like me and don’t know, here’s what I was told: “lending money to farmers.”

Duh, right..?


Anyway, Brad’s career at Bank Plus Iowa began as of October 2013. His job requires “lending money to farmers” 70% of the time and the rest is spent on commercial clients. There are no licenses needed for Ag Lending; you learn something new everyday.. :)

“I’m actually getting my MBA from the University of South Dakota online right now and will be attending the Iowa School of Banking. My wife, Nicole, is also getting her Masters in Education.”

Quite the power couple, if you ask me.

After graduation, the couple was lucky to find affordable housing just 15 miles from each of their jobs.

“We live on an acreage just west of Ringsted on her grandparents’ farm. It’s great because I am able to help on the farm when I’m not working and it’s in the middle (distance wise) for both of us.”


With an accounting degree from UNI, a person can pretty much go anywhere desired. What made Estherville ‘home’ for the Jungers’?

“Estherville is very community oriented. It’s about the same size town I grew up in, but there is a greater sense of community involvement here. The small town feel doesn’t even compare to that of a big city; we love it here.”


As many of you may know, lots of employees will be retiring and leaving the workforce over the next few years.

“There aren’t a ton of young people here right now, but that’s what’s so great. Companies everywhere are looking for young candidates and employees to take their businesses to the next level. The job market here is way better than in Des Moines or Omaha.”

Many people think moving to a larger city means more job opportunities. Brad states that it’s the exact opposite.

“We’re the reverse of Des Moines, actually. People flock there and then have trouble finding a job because it’s so competitive. Here, you can jump start your career and live a life that really is the best of both worlds.”


I asked Brad if he’d ever move out of northwest Iowa. His answer shouldn’t surprise you.

“Probably not. Anything bigger than this is just too much. Our next step is to raise a family and this is the place to do that.”

I bet you’ll never guess why a bigger city is out of the question…

“The biggest thing that comes to mind when I think about that is traffic. I really can’t stand it. Plus, I like knowing my neighbors. I can go to the grocery store and always know someone; it’s pretty cool.”

In their spare time, the couple enjoys golfing, boating and skiing.

“We belong to 3 different courses in the area, so we’re always golfing. We’re also in the process of buying a camper so that will be a new adventure for us come summertime.”


Thanks to Brad for sharing his story and for being the first Emmet County interview! Good things are to be had in the Corridor region, and this is just another testament to the quality of life in our area!

Hope to see ya Friday! :)

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- Alexa Guessford