Young Professionals Spotlight: Heather Curry

21 May 2014


Happy warm weather, everyone! It’s about time we had some nice temperatures stick around for a few days. I hope you all had a good time at our YP event last Friday at Okoboji Classic Cars! Luckily, we’re keeping the fun events coming. Our next YP gathering will be Saturday, May 31 at East Leach Park in Spencer. This is going to be a fun-filled afternoon of BBQ-ing, lawn games and much more. :) Plan to arrive between 12:30 and 1 p.m.

Today, we’re going to hear (I just typed ‘here’…how embarrassing) from Heather Curry, a 23 year old Strategic Management Specialist, Des Moines native. Heather recently moved up to the Corridor region after her boyfriend accepted a promotion with Fareway and was asked to relocate.

“They told him on a Wednesday that he’d be moving and starting his new position on the following Monday. It was a crazy turn around for us, but we made it work.”


Upon graduation from AIB College of Business, Heather began working for Davis Brown Law Firm in downtown Des Moines. This was a good fit for awhile, but she knew it wasn’t what she had in her long-term plans. Kris’ job promotion was the perfect opportunity to allow Heather the chance to seek other avenues of work.

Heather was very fortunate to find a job in her field of study shortly after Kris made his move north.

“Kris found an ad in the newspaper and forwarded the information to me. I applied to On-Point Strategic Group right away, had my two interviews and was hired on two days later. So far, it’s been a really great move.”


On-Point is a new company that began in January. As the Strategic Management Specialist, Heather is in charge of many aspects of the business.

“3 guys own the company, so they really do need some assistance when it comes to planning and keeping them on time – that’s where I come in. I basically pull everything together; I’ll do promotion, sales, podcasts, you name it. It’s been a great learning experience for me. They are awesome about letting me have input and trying out my ideas.”

Iowa hawkeyes

Heather had originally looked at a banking job when she was job searching. On-Point wasn’t really on her radar until she delved into the job description a little bit more.

“I really love design and the entrepreneurship piece that plays out in this job. I feel much more connected to my work and the community from all the personal interaction that I’m given here.”

The job wasn’t the only thing that drew Heather to his area.

“I was up here a lot when my boyfriend first took the job in September to visit and whatnot. It was inevitable that I’d fall in love with the area; I mean, who wouldn’t? The small town feel they have up here is seriously the best.”

Bre and I

Guess what came up next?


“It’s been the best change in the world not to deal with all that traffic everyday. It used to take me 20 minutes to drive 8 miles to work each day simply because of rush hour. Now, it’s just a straight shot. I will forever be grateful for that.”

Since the couple is new to the area, what have they done for fun?

“Well, I just moved here at the end of March, so we are really trying to get a feel for the region. We’ve been to West O Beer a few times (we live across the street). We’ve also tried out a couple fun places to eat. Lately, with the nicer weather, we’ve taken advantage of the bike trails and workout facilities around town.”


Heather states they are most excited about the opening of Arnolds Park.

“That place looks so fun! I think having that so close to our house will be good for us. I’m used to Des Moines and all the amenities that are there. With summer around the corner and all the people that flock to this area, I definitely think I’ll get my ‘big city’ fix. The greatest part is that I’m not in a big city; it’s like having your cake and eating it too.” :)

The community was another topic that came up during our discussion about favorites in the area.

“The people here are just so genuine and trusting. I’m definitely not used to that type of community, so it’s been something I’ve really gravitated toward these last few months. The hometown feel is great.”

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Well, I think Heather has it figured out. The Corridor region is truly a fun and exciting place to live with so many career opportunities for young people. This is a wonderful area for youngsters to jump start their careers.

Have a good rest of the week, everyone! Next week we have a special treat. One of our very own will be featured. Stay tuned! :)

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- Alexa Guessford