Scott Rettey to lead Corridor’s “Manufacturing 101” program

3 Jun 2014

News Release

Scott Rettey has joined the Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation staff. Rettey’s role at the Corridor will involve teaching the upcoming Manufacturing 101 program, both in June and July, and coordinating a high-school manufacturing academy planned for 2015

Rettey graduated from St. Cloud State in 1978, and he received his Masters in Industrial Education and Manufacturing soon after. Rettey has worked at Spencer High School teaching industrial education courses, working with students and staff members interested in the industrial, engineering and manufacturing industries. Rettey will retire from Spencer High School this summer, and he is looking forward to teaching a much-need program in the Corridor region.

“I’ve been involved in the metals manufacturing industry for the last 15 years,” said Rettey. “When I announced my retirement, the Corridor asked me if I would like to teach these adult manufacturing training courses, and I couldn’t say no. ”

The goal of the Manufacturing 101 program is to give individuals looking for new jobs the necessary skills to receive employment in the manufacturing and industrial industries. Manufacturing 101 will simulate a business environment that also teaches interview skills, sketching, lean manufacturing, quality control, blueprint reading and design programming. Students will also participate in mock interviews and free NCRC assessments to ensure they are fully prepared for the workforce.

“The NCRC assessments will make sure all students are in a workforce development database; so the hope is that they will be able to have more resources to attain employment,” stated Rettey. “The curriculum will last for three weeks, and it will really simulate what an average work day would look like for the students. Students should not only have more relevant experience in the metals manufacturing industry, but they will also walk away with job-keeping skills and will be better acclimated to the business environment.”

Towards the end of the program, Rettey stated students will also have the opportunity to interview with key industrial and manufacturing companies in the Corridor. Manufacturing 101’s first session will be held from June 9th – June 27th.

For more information about the Manufacturing 101 program, contact Tina Sherrill-Range at  It is a free training program and limited seats are available.