The Opportunities of Iowa Lakes Corridor

24 Aug 2015


Did you know that Herbert Hoover, the 31st president, was born in Iowa and was the first president born west of the Mississippi river? Or that the Iowa Lakes Corridor region has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation? Or that the Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation offers a variety of loans and grants for those looking to work or live in the region?

If not, it may be possible that you didn’t know that Iowa is at the center of a growing economy, filled to the brim with fantastic educational opportunities, a growing job market, and a handful of programs to assist in relocation. In specific, the Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation, consisting of four counties in Northern Iowa (Buena Vista, Clay, Dickinson, and Emmet), wants to spread the word – you’re invited.

Check out our Corridor Living page to discover what the corridor of opportunities has available for you.