The Success of Corridor Business

16 Dec 2015

Knowing the area is an important factor before starting or expanding a business. Are there experienced workers? Is the cost of living affordable? Are there interested customers? Are there affordable loans and tax exemptions? For those looking to spread into the Iowa Lakes Corridor region, the answer to all of these questions is yes.

          Just take a look at the success experienced by a few other companies throughout the Corridor region. Okaboji Wines, a small company started in 1989 by Mark, Sheila, and Genie Reed, has gone from sales numbers of $90,000, to over $8.5 million in 2013. Having a staff of over 26 employees allows the company to continue to expand and succeed throughout the region, both through the help of Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation, and the great community of the Iowa Lakes Corridor Region.

          On the larger side of businesses looking to expand, take a gander at the experience of Polaris Industries Corridor branch. The Polaris company has been dedicated to making an enjoyable set of vehicles and a safe work environment for employees invested in their work. In 2013, this mindset led to them receiving the Iowa Lakes Corridor Big Business award, as well as an overall and consistent rise in “Sales, manufacturing, productivity, employment, customer satisfaction and technology…” For more information on these two businesses, click here:

          And for those looking for more information on Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation and what opportunities they have to offer, click here: