Words of Encouragement

11 Jan 2016

Sometimes, a few words of encouragement can make the difference between success and failure. You can lose ten pounds, get that promotion, or find the life partner perfect for you with proper encouragement. Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation wants to let you know – you can start a business here. You can start a business and succeed – we believe in you.

          A few word of encouragements not enough? Take a look at the local success stories throughout the Corridor region. Take the Oak Hill Marina, for example. Started in 1992 as a little shop run by only the owner and his wife, the business grew into a major success through 23 years of hard work. Now with over 15 employees, the business continues to expand and grow throughout the Corridor region. For more information on the Oak Hill Marina, read the article found here: http://www.dickinsoncountynews.com/story/2165198.html

          For those interested in the opportunities that Iowa Lakes Corridor has to offer, check out their website here: http://ow.ly/Vl6wS