Knowing is half the battle

21 Dec 2015

The Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation is a company dedicated to many things, one of which is creating an employable, skilled workforce. This means that they spend their time working with both employers and employees to find what is needed for workers to be properly trained, prepared, and interested in potential employment opportunities.

          While this consists of a variety of educational programs like Manufacturing 101 (, or specific on the job training through the INJTP (, it also means research.

          The Iowa Lakes CDC has done surveys and data collection projects in order to provide businesses with in-depth information about the region. An overview on the Corridor region workforce can be found here - - as well as a Laborshed Analysis here:

          Preparing employers and employees for a skilled workforce is only half the battle. The other half is knowledge, and the Iowa Lakes CDC does everything they can to make sure everyone is both prepared and informed.