The Full Package

29 Feb 2016

Looking for a job? Iowa Lakes Corridor is overflowing with opportunities. Worried about finding a place to live? Iowa, and the Corridor region, have some of the lowest costs of living in the nation. Don’t want to live long-distance from your life-partner? No sweat! Through a community run spousal program, volunteers in the area can help find local employment for both you and your partner.

          What about children? Iowa is home to countless educational opportunities, both on the college level and below. In fact, Iowa Lakes Corridor has partnered with multiple local businesses to help provide hands-on education that prepares students for the workforce. For a few examples of the opportunities offered, check out a few blog posts by students participating in an on-site educational experience through the Manufacturing Academy program with Polaris and the Iowa Lakes CDC (Found here:

          For more information on Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation and all the opportunities they can offer, visit their webpage here: