By the Power of Wind

17 Feb 2016

Throughout the year of 2014, Iowa produced 28% of its electricity through wind energy. Third overall for wind energy production, Iowa has more than 1.5 million homes powered by wind energy. Throughout the state of Iowa there are somewhere between 6,000 to 7,000 jobs in the wind industry, many within the Corridor region. This includes manufacturing parts, installing, and maintaining the turbines.

Within the last year, the Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation has signed a new deal with German company windtest. This partnership will bring countless more jobs to the Corridor region throughout the years to come.

          Working with wind turbines sounds like it might need training, right? Well, at the Iowa Lakes Community College, there is a program dedicated specifically to working in the wind industry. As a two year program, it will teach students how to build, install, maintain, and monitor wind turbines. It is designed to help students find local jobs in a growing industry – what more could you ask for from a college?

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