Iowa Apprenticeship Program

17 Mar 2016

In a culture where employees feel it makes more sense to switch jobs every 5 years, it can be expensive and risky for employers to train new employees. According to research,  it can cost up to 33% of an employee’s yearly salary to train a new employee.

As a company dedicated to both worker and business success, Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation can provide aid. While offering on the job training programs, encouraging workers to attend educational classes at local colleges, and helping businesses cut costs on training, they also want to bring awareness to a state-wide initiative called the Iowa Apprenticeship Program.

This government run program is designed to help businesses afford the cost of training so that new employees are prepared for their job. Whether a new or an expanding business, the Iowa Apprenticeship Program will help create a pool of employees that are skilled and prepared for your business. For more information on these programs, follow the link here: