The Best Place to Live

31 Mar 2016

What makes a location the best place to live? Research suggests that it is good to find a place with a low-cost of living and affordable wages. The Iowa Lakes Corridor region fits right into this category, offering grants and loans to make housing even more affordable, as well as data reports to compare their cost of living to other regions across the nation (Found here:

Likewise, research suggested that a quality place to live and work inspires innovation and creativity. This can be done with a relaxing place to live – like the wonderful scenery, bike (running, snowmobile, ect.) trails, and boating opportunities in the Iowa Lakes Corridor region.

It can also be fostered through the arts; to live in an area, such as the Corridor region, that has museums, theater, music, and interactive events year round.

For more information on why the region is an excellent place to live, or what kind of year round entertainment they house, click here: