Japanese food service professionals explore Iowa beef farm

18 Aug 2016


The families of Glenn and Bev Rowe, Tanner and Laura Rowe, and Justin and Corinne Rowe hosted a Japanese food service group on their family beef farm July 22 to share their story of beef farming in Iowa for over six generations. It was of great interest to the group to learn about the six-generation family farm. They also had the opportunity to learn about the availability of feed and water, as well as animal care during their visit.

The Japanese food service professional's tour was facilitated by the Iowa Economic Development Authority International Office with the outcome of showcasing agricultural products throughout the state of Iowa. The opportunity to put a farmer's face to the product they consume is a benefit in their market as traceability is an important aspect.

Glenn Rowe understands the importance of having open conversations with consumers about their product.

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