Corridor to recruit Community Champions at Clay County Fair Innovation Pavilion

Corridor to recruit Community Champions at Clay County Fair Innovation Pavilion Main Photo

1 Sep 2016

5x5 Campaign, Innovation Pavilion, News Release

Iowa Lakes Corridor region residents know about this area's high quality of life, notable job opportunities and stunningly beautiful outdoor scenery. Put simply: We've got a lot to brag about. 

So help us brag about it!

This year at the Clay County Fair, the Innovation Pavilion's primary purpose is to recruit Community Champions for the Iowa Lakes Corridor's 5x5 Campaign, a soon-to-launch initiative seeking a 5 percent increase in the region's population in 5 years.

We're up to the challenge. Are you?

Innovation Pavilion

If you answered yes, then you'll want to visit us at the Innovation Pavilion at the Clay County Fair from Sept. 10-18. We are recruiting Community Champions who will serve as "brand ambassadors" for the Corridor region. 

That means we'll be counting on you to use your connections and make personal referrals with one goal in mind:

Convince people you know that the job they've been looking for is here, the housing they've been searching for is here and the quality of life they've dreamed about is here -- and only here -- in the Iowa Lakes region.

If you know someone or multiple people who would benefit from a move to our area, then visit us at the Innovation Pavilion.

Innovation Pavilion Location

The Innovation Pavilion is located in the southwest portion of the fairgrounds, just south of the Outdoor Arena. View a map to see the exact location.

Contact the Corridor

Are you as "all-in" on the 5x5 Campaign as we are? You can contact the Corridor about how to become a Community Champion right now. Please email or call 712-264-3474 for more information.

5x5 Campaign

The population of rural northwest Iowa grew between 1850 and 1950, but has been flat to falling since. Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation is taking a leadership role in building public-private partnerships needed to plan and executing the 5x5 Campaign, an effort to reverse this chronic population loss and drive a 5 percent increase in population over a 5-year period of time, 2017 – 2021.

Learn more about the 5x5 Campaign.