Looking for Cobalt, Sapphire and Indigo? Check out Spencer, Iowa!

17 Oct 2016

The new housing project in Spencer has 23 homes, all with a blue theme. The homes are known as Indigo, Cobalt and Sapphire. For variety, the new neighborhood also has Columbia, Carolina and Cambridge models.

IGL Construction, the developers, teamed up with local contractors to build the 23 homes with six open floor plans, all about 1,500 square feet. With the local housing shortage, IGL feels Spencer will attract buyers happy to live in one of the biggest cities in a 90-mile area. (See here for more information: http://ow.ly/uge6303yhE0.)

During construction, IGL relied on help from the Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation, the administrative agency responsible for the Spencer Quality House Incentive program. Kellie Beneke, CEO of IGL Construction, said, “We always received the help we needed.” (More info here: http://ow.ly/KiBE303yiIN.)