City OK’s apartment building, condo site deals

27 Oct 2016


Two housing projects were approved in a series of votes by the Storm Lake City Council Monday - a low-to-moderate-income 60-unit complex that would be located on 10th Street, and a market-rate condo/apartment project with 110 units for the former Sunset Bay site adjacent to the golf course.

The former saw some dissent before winning approval, as two members of the council feel the City’s greater need is for market-rate housing that would be open to everyone, as opposed to LMI units that would be open only to those qualifying by income level.

Councilman Bruce Engelmann felt that the City needed housing in all classes. “I also want to see more market-rate development in this community, and when that comes to the table, if it is do-able, I would be in favor of that too.”

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