What does 5% population growth actually mean?

4 Nov 2016


Now that the Iowa Lakes Corridor's Five by Five campaign is ramping up, we are constantly throwing that 5 percent figure out there.

Our goal is to increase our population by 5 percent in 5 years, hence the name of the campaign. But what would 5 percent population growth look like?

Well, that would mean 3,200 newcomers moved to the Iowa Lakes Corridor region in the next five years.

Let's put that number into perspective. That number means:

  • More job seekers in the workforce
  • More customers visiting local shops and service providers
  • More students in area schools
  • More housing starts and development opportunities
  • More volunteers donating time and joining churches and other organizations

Now, these people have to hear about the great jobs, housing and fun of the Iowa Great Lakes from somebody...

That's where YOU come in!

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