There’s corn in your gas

19 Dec 2016

Bioscience success stories are everywhere. More than 97 percent of all the gas sold in the U.S. today contains about 10 percent ethanol. It boosts the octane and helps fuel meet air quality standards.

Many other bioscience success stories can be found in northwest Iowa and the Iowa Lakes Corridor region.

Valero Renewables has a bio-refinery on 78 acres just outside Albert City. For a decade it has been processing about 45 million bushels of corn, turning it into 120 million gallons of ethanol. (Check out the company info here:

Rembrandt Foods in Spirit Lake has taken a different direction with bioscience. The company is a leader in the many uses of the humble egg. Their expertise runs from grain for the hens to the finished product, from pasta to mayonnaise and everything in between. (See more info here: