The joys of retirement?

16 Jan 2017

The joys of retirement are widely touted, especially by people getting close to that magic age. But according to recent studies, more than 3/4 of U.S. workers are taking on some type of job after leaving their full-time career.

It’s a boon to companies in search of skilled, experienced workers. Good news for employers in the Iowa Lakes Corridor region: more than 1/4 of all the area’s retired workers surveyed said they were willing to re-enter the job market.

In addition to these retirees, the Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation reports a particularly diverse and experienced workforce in the area. More than 80 percent of those employed are willing to change employers if the right job comes along. Over 1/3 of homemakers are interested in getting back into the job market. (For more information, check out this information: