Phelps opens new dental location

29 Mar 2017

Dr. Bill Phelps moved his dental practice from its previous location in the 200 block of East Fifth Street to a new location at 110 W. Fourth St. Phelps is pictured with dental assistant Ashley Salberg. (Photo by Colin Van Westen)

Dr. Bill Phelps moved to a new location on 110 W. Fourth St. after 23 years at his previous location.

The change of venue, which took place Jan. 30, came in response to a request from Seasons Center for increased space at its central location.

The new location also offers benefits to Phelps.

"We already had the new materials. This offers a central location," Phelps said.

The new office has six operating rooms as compared to five operating rooms in the old office.

"The move went smoothly," added Dental Assistant Ashley Salberg. "Everything is fresh and new."

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