That’s a B-I-G warehouse

29 May 2017

Can you picture warehouse space that’s almost 2.3 acres in size? Vander Haags has over 100,000 square feet dedicated to its truck used parts. It’s a town of used parts.

That’s the size of 9/10 the area of a city block in New York City. If it was a nightclub, you could fit in 6,600 people. It’s 1.5 the size of the White House and 1.75 the size of a football field.

What does Vander Haag’s do with all this space? The trucking industry supplier, with a location in Spencer in the Iowa Lakes Corridor, started as a junk dealer in the late 1930s. Since then the firm has moved into used parts, service and repair, equipment sales and installation and truck and trailer sales. The Spencer location is also its corporate headquarters.

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