Everything old is new again

12 Jun 2017

Old-time iron works produced cast iron for fences, furniture and factories. They were at the cutting edge of industrial technology a century ago. What would an old-fashioned iron works produce today?

Modern machine shops, the current version of yesterday’s iron works, work with all types of metals. Computers and robots control much of the work, which involves drilling, cutting, punching, shaping and finishing using lathes, milling machines and more.

One old-time shop that has made the transition is Simonsen Iron Works, established in 1906 and still going strong. The company, located in Spencer in the Lakes Corridor area of Iowa, is known today for its state-of-the-art manufacturing. The company specializes in powder coating, welding and metal-based fabrication for power sports, turf care equipment, agriculture and construction.

For more information, see its website.