Heartland Kennels under new ownership

18 Apr 2017

Heartland Kennels, located approximately 3 miles west of Fostoria at 1840 280th St., changed ownership March 10.

Previous owners Tom and Susan Herrick have sold the property and business to Eric and Miranda Shannon.

"We started this place 23 years ago," Susan Herrick said. "We do boarding, training and grooming. We have done it forever, it is time for us to move on and move to Arizona now. Time to turn the reins over."

The change in ownership will be accompanied by a few other changes. The new owners will be expanding dog training classes and sporting events; increasing grooming — including an expansion of their grooming room; creating additional space so senior citizen dogs, or dogs who become easily nervous, don't have to be in a crowded space; and adding more retail space.

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