Spencer a 'best small town to visit'

4 May 2017

The city of Spencer was recently featured as one of 20 "Best Small Towns to Visit" on Smithsonian.com for its sixth annual list showcasing exciting places to travel each year. Smithsonian.com partnered with Esri — a geographical information company — "to identify tiny towns chock full of local culture, history and natural beauty. We then narrowed down our list to pinpoint the destinations that are especially worth making the trip to this year."

Smithsonian.com suggested that potential visitors to Spencer "check out its buzzing Main Street full of rich history and beautiful art deco commercial buildings," and to "Be sure to browse Arts on Grand." The Smithsonian.com article also praised Spencer's public art, specifically the mosaic "The Gathering, Of Time, Of Land, Of Many Hands," and mentions that if visitors are lucky enough, they might get to "bump elbows with town icon (and sharp dresser) Bob Rose, who has poured his heart and soul into the town, so much so that he has earned the nickname ‘Mr. Spencer.’"

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