What do you do?

31 Jul 2017

Begun in 1992, Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation, ILCDC brought together Clay and Dickinson counties with the goal of fostering, aiding and assisting the growth of the local economy. Since then, Emmet and Buena Vista have joined the team.

For over two decades, the group’s mission has stayed the same: to foster, encourage, aid or otherwise assist the area’s development and economic health. Whatever it takes, that’s what the ILCDC is ready to do. Its values are based on integrity, openness and respect, and making the best use of the strengths and opportunities in each county. Working together, they each get strong.
ILCDC relies on the resources of board members, the area’s natural amenities and its diverse businesses. The group’s finest resource has always been, and continues to be, the people who live here.

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