Accurate Appliance meets demand for Storm Lake and surrounding area

30 Jun 2017

Accurate Appliance has opened a new store located at 125 Flint Drive next to Malarkey’s.

Tawny Shuck and her husband who reside in Spencer own the shop. Storm Lake’s Accurate Appliance is a branch store from the main one in Spencer. What made them decide to open a store in Storm Lake? “With all the rentals coming and going in Storm Lake we saw the need for a store like this one. We had many customers drive up to Spencer from Storm Lake and thought it would be a good move,” remarks Shuck.

Their main goal is to recycle, reuse and repurpose. Protecting the environment is important to the Shucks. All the appliances to come into Accurate Appliance are tested, cleaned and repaired if they need it. All of it is quality and has a guarantee.

Savings is a big seller too. A person can go in and purchase a stainless steel four piece refurbished kitchen set (stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave) for the cost of purchasing just two pieces of equipment somewhere else, all for a cost of about $750.

They have a wide variety of appliances like gas stoves, electric stoves with coiled burners, glass top, in washer and driers they have both top load and side load machines.

Accurate also carries a full line of mattresses that are top sellers in Storm Lake. “We can’t keep enough of them in the store.” They are the best prices in the area.

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