Kristi’s Kandies and Heirlooms appeals to all tastes

7 Jul 2017

It’s a delicious treat no one can beat. Not to mention all the beautiful heirlooms on display for sale throughout the store. The store is owned by Julie Egland and is located on Lake Avenue. The store has been in existence for sixteen years.

Its original location was on Erie Street but moved to its 612 Lake Avenue location in 2004.

Julie came up with the idea when she saw the need for a candy and antique store so Kristi’s Kandies and Heirlooms was born. The store is named after their daughter-in law.

The idea to have the heirlooms in with the candy store seemed like a good fit since neither product would be sustainable on its own and they do well together.

This unique store features a wide assortment of candies to tickle your fancy. Some of the candy is bought in bulk from a company in Chicago while the rest is made in the kitchen located in the basement of the store. Chocolate Calico Fudge is a favorite among the store’s patrons. Two of their best selling candies are chocolate carmel pecan fudge and chocolate carmel sea salt fudge.

Candy maker Judy Krebs has come up with two of her own creations that sell well at the store. They are coffee toffee bark and chocolate carmel sea salt with fudge. Both are barks.

The candies are weighed up and place in baggies for purchase or you can buy a piece from under the counter. You can buy it by the piece or buy it in bulk.

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