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23 Feb 2018

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Better business starts with better leaders.

If you're looking to improve your awareness level and leadership skills, then our partners at Aileron have the perfect course for you: Exploring Conscious Leadership, May 21 at the Waterfront Event Center in Okoboji.

Aileron wants to help you shape your business into everything you want it to be. Much of that starts with leadership.

Reserve your spot. Register today.

What is this course?

It's a one-day, interactive program to encourage desired habit change and improved leadership, followed by a 30 minute one-on- one coaching session, with a Certified Professional Leadership Coach. During the workshop, you’ll define how you want to show up as a leader. It’s more than reflection; you’ll begin to apply and come away with new tools and a plan created with your coach’s support to grow yourself as a leader, both personally and professionally.

Who should register?

Leaders looking to improve their level of awareness and leadership skills, including the ability to encourage open communication, suspend judgment, manage their levels of energy, influence those around them, and to know what is true versus the truth, among other skills, should register.

Why sign up?

Do you want to become a better leader, and a better coach, for those around you in your life? Continual leadership development requires us to step back and examine how we (and those around us) operate. Increase your awareness and perspective so that you can routinely thrive, experiencing higher levels of energy, no matter what situations life throws your way.

Here are the details

  • When: Monday, May 21, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. - Reception to follow.
  • Where: Waterfront Event Center
  • Cost: $575
  • More info: Check out the brochure (PDF) or call 712-264-3474.

Register online

The course is filling up fast, so please register online or contact the Iowa Lakes Corridor today for more information.