Intern Spotlight: Kaitlyn Hill

Intern Spotlight: Kaitlyn Hill Main Photo

9 Aug 2018


Kaitlyn Hill is a Project Management Office intern at Rembrandt Foods. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Hill is a senior at Iowa State University where she studies agricultural business and economics. 

While scrolling through online job boards, the position with Rembrandt caught Hill’s eye. “I found them on the CyHire Website at Iowa State and applied having no idea what Rembrandt was or what they did,” she admitted. “I saw the logo, and I knew that they worked with eggs which I really liked. I also saw that they were in Spirit Lake, and I had never been up here so I figured it would be an interesting opportunity.”

At first, it was somewhat difficult to see the correlation between her studies and the job description. “I work with the project management office which is kind of interesting because my majors aren’t necessarily affiliated with that,” explained Hill. “Here they work with Lean Six Sigma practices, which is a manufacturing practice that helps you cut down on inefficiencies and make continuous improvements. A lot of those concepts are economic principles applied to manufacturing and running a business. It was easy to correlate the economic principal to the business side of that.” 

In addition to learning more about Rembrandt and the area, Hill had a desire to gain experience outside of a factory setting where she had worked in the past. “Coming from Phoenix, I didn’t have a lot of agricultural background and so I went ahead and worked some more manual labor jobs just to learn what that industry was like and get a feeling for it,” she said. “Anything related to agriculture is going to pique my interest because I didn't grow up with it. Coming in here was nice because they had that agricultural aspect to it. Because I had worked in a warehouse, it was easy to pick up on stuff at bird sites because most manufacturing practices are very applicable almost anywhere. Having never worked in an office, it's been great to see how people interact, how daily tasks happen and  getting to see how things actually get done.”

She spoke very highly of the Rembrandt internship program, saying, “Every intern is doing something that you would actually do if you worked here.” 

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