Local Christmas Shopping

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28 Nov 2018

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The Holidays are upon us! Christmas music can be heard everywhere you go, shopping is very much underway. Those who are really on top of things may already have all of their gifts purchased, but if you're like a majority of the population, you still have a long ways to go. Black Friday, Shop Small Saturday, Cyber Monday, sale after sale, gift after gift, last minute shopping, and still trying to find that perfect present.


Anymore, so much shopping gets done online, but that pulls money away from our local economies. Without spending time (and money) at our hometown shops, they may not be able to sustain themselves anymore. We have to support these great assets to keep them here.


This year, why not give a gift to your local economy while getting the gifts for family and friends? In the Corridor region, there are tons of small businesses and places to shop for the greatest gifts for your loved ones. When you purchase local, you're helping these businesses stay in our region, you're putting money into our local economy, and you're still making great purchases!


Check out some of these resources for local businesses that you can visit to pick up the items on everyone's wish lists!



Lakes Region


Storm Lake


Need some more inspiration?

  • Support a local theater or art gallery for the family who loves the arts.
  • Buy some gift certificates to local eateries for the foodie in the family.
  • Make your own gifts using the craft supplies from one of the many craft stores in the area.
  • Browse an antique shop - you never know when you'll see the perfect gift for someone!


There are so many local shopping options if you just look and ask around. You never know the treasures you'll find right here in Northwest Iowa.


Who knows? You just might find the perfect gift to buy yourself this holiday season, too!