Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Main Photo

28 Dec 2018

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A new year means a fresh start and an opportunity to look forward to your goals and make resolutions for the coming year. Maybe you're looking to lose some of that weight, especially after the recent holiday season and all of the goodies that comes with it. You could be making a resolution to find a local organization to volunteer for. Or you want to make more time for your family or a hobby you love.


Here at the Corridor, a New Year's resolution we have is to recruit more people into the lakes region of Northwest Iowa, but that can only be done with the help of our current communities and people like you!


We challenge you to add this resolution to your list as well! Make it a goal to pick just one person or family that lives far far away that you'd like to move here and talk to them about how great your lakes life is. Share with them the many opportunities that are available here, the recreation and fun and the housing options available.


This makes you a Community Champion: you're sharing the things you love about where you live with the people that you love!


If you're just not sure how to start (because there are just so many great reasons to live in Northwest Iowa), we've already made some recipes for you! Send some pictures, memes, videos and other digital media elements to your chosen "movers" and share your own personal love of your home.


Recruit just one person or family to the lakes region of Northwest Iowa. If a handful of us do that, we put more kids in our schools, more employees in our workforce and more money into our local economy.


Let's share this gem that we get to enjoy every single day with the people who deserve it. If you're not a Community Champion already, sign up here (you can even win recognition and rewards!). If you are a Community Champion, nominate a mover and get started on your New Year's resolution today!