February 2019 Quarterly Meeting

February 2019 Quarterly Meeting Main Photo

1 Mar 2019

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Thank you to everyone who attended Wednesday's Quarterly Investor Meeting at the beautiful new Majestic Pavilion in Arnolds Park! Turnout was great and the audience learned a lot from the No Boundaries team from GTRA, Okoboji, and Spencer schools.


No Boundaries is a project-based learning initiative that motivates students by empowering them to form teams and tackle real-world business and community problems. Businesses pitch projects to the students, who in turn choose the opportunities that best match their interests.


Facilitators from all three school districts presented on the program and the value of project-based learning at the Quarterly Investor Meeting. Three middle school students from Okoboji Middle School also discussed their experiences as part of a pilot this semester.


"I'm biased, since my wife is a teacher at Okoboji Middle School and she's helping launch this program," said Corridor CEO Kiley Miller, "but I'm legitimately jealous of kids these days. We didn't get opportunities like this.


"I also think there is great potential here for businesses. We hear all the time about the 'soft skills' problem. New hires don't know how to work in teams, resolve conflicts, manage extended projects or come up with strategies for solving nonlinear problems. With project-based learning, students will be called on to do all of that while meeting the academic requirements of the core curriculum."


Come Fall, No Boundaries will swell to more than 70 students from the three districts. That means 40 or more project ideas are needed from area businesses, nonprofits or communities.


Does your business have a project that's on your list of priorities,but there just never seems to be the time or human resources required to get it done? You're perfect for the No Boundaries program!


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