Intern Spotlight: Brock Jungjohan

Intern Spotlight: Brock Jungjohan Main Photo

9 Jul 2019


By: Laura Nielsen

Brock Jungjohan, a 2018 graduate from Spirit Lake High School, is the Marketing Intern at annLeo. Located in Milford, annLeo helps healthcare facilities get the staff they need by being a single point of contact between healthcare locations and multiple medical staffing agencies. Jungjohan is a rising sophomore at the University of Iowa, where he studies Psychology and Enterprise Leadership. When asked what types of classes an Enterprise Leadership major entails he responded, “It’s mostly entrepreneurial classes with some general business, too.”


Jungjohan knows Steve Heeg, CEO of GrapeTree Medical Staffing, through his parents, so he used that connection to help gain this internship saying, “I had talked to Steve about maybe helping with marketing this summer.” annLeo has never had a marketing intern before, so Jungjohan is the first, and he noted that they do a great job of keeping him busy even though they’re not used to having an intern around. “I make a lot of videos and ads, and I work on geofencing, which is making sure ads only target certain areas. … The videos go up on LinkedIn, Facebook, and in email marketing campaigns.”


Like many college students, Jungjohan is unsure of what he wants to do in the future and pursue as a career, but he noted that, “If I choose to do marketing, this internship will look good on my application.” In regards to marketing and this position specifically, he added that he enjoys the creative aspect of it and getting to see a finished product at the end of the day.