Supporting Small

14 Dec 2020

Blog, Shopping, Small Business, Community

Want to support your local businesses, but don’t necessarily need something from their inventory right now? Here are a few other ways to support them!

  • Ask if you can order something special through them
    • Even though a small business you love may not have exactly what you’re looking for, you might be able to talk to them to see if they can order it in for you!
  • Like, Comment, and Share their posts
    • This may seem simple, but likes, comments, and shares help businesses by exposing their posts to your friends and followers. And with more interactions, social media sites are more likely to show others the posts as well.
  • Leave a good review
    • Another way to help businesses digitally is to leave a review for them, whether on Facebook, Yelp, Google or anywhere else you can spread the love and encourage others to check out their store!
  • Buy a gift card for yourself or a loved one
    • This goes for both the small shops in the region as well as our local restaurants. Buying a gift card or gift certificate helps businesses earn money right now and gives you a chance to go back and find something you love later.
  • Tip a little extra
    • If you’re able, giving just a little more to your server or service provider can help them during this holiday season
  • Just ask!
    • Not sure how you can help? Ask the business owners if there’s anything you can do, or what would be most impactful for them. They’ll appreciate your thoughts and effort!


Again, check out the many promotions and activities through the local chambers and communities while you shop small this holiday season. And thank you for supporting our local businesses!