Why Hire a Summer Intern?

15 Apr 2021

Blog, Internships

Have you ever thought about the idea of hiring a summer intern? Whether a recent high school graduate or college student returning home for the summer, there are many talented young adults in the region who are looking for employment. The perfect candidate for a future with your organization might live next door, around the corner, or just down the road in one of the four counties that make up the Corridor. 


There are so many great reasons when considering whether to hire an intern and here are the top 5:

  1. Hiring summer interns is essentially a three-month job interview.
  2. Interns allow employers to get a complete picture of skills, work ethic, attitude, and the ability to mesh with the team.
  3. At the end of the internship, employers are not committed if an intern is not the right fit.
  4. Oftentimes, organizations can benefit from fresh, new ideas and skillsets from an intern. 
  5. An extra set of hands to help bring projects to life is always advantageous. 

The team at the Corridor has benefitted for the last several years from hiring summer interns and would highly recommend the opportunity to anyone. A great place to post potential positions for interns is on the Iowa Lakes Corridor website by going to www.lakescorridor.com and clicking on the drop-down menu “Do Business Here”. Click on “Workforce” then “Submit a Job”. By attracting an area intern, your organization could end up with an incredible new team member! Don’t miss out! Please contact the Corridor at 712.264.3474 with any questions you may have or if you need help posting your position to the website.


From my own personal experience as an intern at the Corridor, I can attest to the benefits, not only for the organization, but for the intern as well. I learned a great deal about the Corridor working with the team. My experience has been truly incredible. I grew my skills by working on projects such as the annual report, making fundraising calls, the newsletter, editing the website, and many other opportunities. Additionally, I expanded my network by getting to talk and listen to countless amazing people in the Corridor region. I will be forever grateful for this amazing opportunity.