Angel Investing is a Team Sport

8 Apr 2021

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Angel investors can and do earn returns that exceed those enjoyed by investors in public securities. That said, Angel investors can also lose most or all of the money they invest in a particular company (scary, right?).


Angel investors that share information with each other and learn from each other tend to do better than those that go it alone.


Angel Investment Networks

Angel investment networks exist to improve the performance of investments made by Angel investors. Iowa Lakes Corridor Angels is a group of Angel investors established in 2015 by Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation with the purpose of facilitating investing in early-stage companies.


Iowa Lakes Corridor Angels is a group of Corridor-based Angel investors dedicated to providing outstanding financial returns to Angel investors while assisting early-stage companies by being an excellent source of funding and advice. The organization accomplishes its objectives by enabling members to view and exchange information about investment opportunities. Members collaborate on due diligence but make individual investment decisions.


Each member is asked to self-declare if they are, or are not, an accredited investor as defined under securities laws. Please refer to information shared by the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission here regarding accredited investor requirements.


Why join a network like Iowa Lakes Corridor Angels? Of course, it’s primarily to make money, but for many it’s also a way to give back to the community, to help build successful companies, and to participate in the satisfaction that comes from this involvement. Members will benefit from:

  • Greater access to quality investment opportunities (deal flow) both locally and through affiliation with other regional Angel groups
  • Cost and time efficiencies gained through deal screening, group presentations, shared due-diligence, and cooperative term negotiation processes.
  •  Networking and the ability to co-invest with other local investors with complementary entrepreneurial and industry expertise.
  • Opportunity to learn and grow your personal investment abilities both informally from other members and through educational programming sponsored by Iowa Lakes Corridor Angels.


If you are interested in learning more about being an Angel investor, reach out to our team at Iowa Lakes Corridor for assistance in planning your path forward. Our coaching services are FREE to Angel investors located in Buena Vista, Clay, Dickinson, and Emmet counties. Take your first step and call our office at 712-264-3474 today.