We're Listening: Worker Recruitment

25 Feb 2021

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The workforce shortage is an issue that is constraining the ability of employers in the Corridor region to grow. This issue impacts virtually every business, from our largest and most established firms to our recent startups. This issue crosses all business categories, impacting manufacturers, professional service providers, health care providers, retailers and tech firms as well as businesses in tourism and hospitality.


In response we have invested in our www.GetALakesLife.com tool where Community Champions nominate Movers – individuals who live far, far away that the Champion wishes were living here in northwest Iowa. Once or twice per week Champions forward DigiBits – digital videos, blog posts and memes – to their Movers to build awareness about the quality career opportunities, the housing options, and the affordable FUN that living near our beautiful lakes offers to the folks who decide to call this region their home.


Our www.GetAlakesLife.com tool has been successful, but it is not enough. We are continuing to invest in and expand this important tool and its impact on our region will continue to grow.


More Needs to be Done


Our team at the Corridor is studying new and innovative ways to expand Get A Lakes Life to address this issue. We are asking employers who need employees and who are willing to participate in new recruiting methods to reach out to us. We are asking employers who need more employees to accept our call when we reach out to you – and we will – over the next two months!


In the startup community, we build out a Business Model Canvass to identify a possible path forward for a new product or service offering, and then build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to test and refine the offering. The Corridor will use this proven process of innovation to build MVPs and conduct tests to determine their effectiveness in successfully impacting workforce recruitment. These tests will help us develop new and innovative methods of storytelling that build awareness among prospective employees that they are welcome here and will benefit from moving here.


Corridor investors wishing to participate should let us know – selected investors will be able to participate at NO cost to them. We will implement and measure the effectiveness of additional ways to get the word out. These methods may involve custom photos and videos captured at area businesses, interviews with workers, blog posts, an audio podcast, a YouTube video channel, Facebook paid advertising, and traditional media advertising targeting candidate workers residing outside of our region.


We challenge every employer that needs additional quality workers to reach out to us and to accept our inquiries when we reach out to you. Change is coming. Be a part of it!