Exploring & adoring our region

28 May 2021

Blog, Recreation

Summer is almost here! School is wrapping up for the year, the weather has been warming up and boats are getting out on the water.


The Lakes Region of Northwest Iowa boasts many recreational opportunities throughout the year, but summer is really when our region shines. From the rivers perfect for fishing and kayaking to the lake for boats and jet skis; from the trails to walk and bike to the parks for picnics and playing. Indoor activities abound, too: the Okoboji Classic Car Museum, community theatre shows, small businesses to shop. And don’t even get me started on the restaurants and food in the region.


The recreational opportunities are endless, which is what draws in tourists each summer. But how many of us residents take these amenities for granted and hike the same favorite trail or go to our favorite restaurant on date night? I know I do.


I’m raising a challenge for myself and my family this year: be more intentional about exploring and adoring our region. Maybe that’s taking our pup to the dog park, breaking out the stroller on a new trail we haven’t been on before, checking out a local event we haven’t made it to, finding a new favorite fishing spot, or trying a local eatery we’ve heard great things about. There’s just so much to explore, I can’t imagine how the visitors to our region decide how to spend their time! We’ve lived in the region for three years now and have barely even scratched the surface of the area’s potential.


I want to raise that challenge to you as well. Is there a restaurant, park, or store you haven’t visited yet despite the recommendations you’ve received? Go check it out! Let’s find new adventures and take the intentional time to enjoy all our region has to offer.