Meet the Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation

10 May 2022


The Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation is dedicated to growing our region’s economy. Our mission is “To foster, encourage, promote, aid or otherwise assist in the economic growth and development of the four-county region.”

But, what does that mean?

We help to grow our region’s economy by:

#1 Supporting our local businesses 

The Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation speaks with local business owners and managers, helping them to solve challenges and capitalize on opportunities. 

#2 Developing our workforce

We work with local partners to upskill our workforce and secure the funding for local businesses to train their employees. Working as a team we are making sure that the Iowa Lakes region has the workforce our businesses need to succeed. 

#3 Recruiting new businesses

As an economic development organization we work to bring new investment into our communities. This could be new businesses creating jobs, developers building housing and entrepreneurs choosing to start their business in the Iowa Lakes Corridor. 

#4 Enhancing quality of life

We understand that our communities are strengthened by projects, programs and infrastructure designed to make it more enjoyable for everyone to live here. We work with partners to support quality of life initiatives that have a positive impact on all our lives. 

Meet The Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation

These are just a few of the ways we are making a positive impact in our community. Click here to learn more about what we do and how you can get involved