Co Working Spaces

What is coworking?

Coworking is a community working environment designed to create collaboration through shared workspaces. It’s taking ordinary people with multi-faceted skill sets, and bringing them together to work in a common place for different companies. These collaborative spaces are becoming the core of entrepreneurship across communities as a distinct collection of people form a valuable network of connections all in the same room.

The Foundry

524 Lake Ave.
Storm Lake, IA 50588

Located in downtown Storm Lake, The Foundry supports entrepreneurs and serves as a hub for innovation, education, and economic development in the community.

The Foundry reduces barriers for start-up companies by providing co-working spaces, business support services, and mentorship from experienced business professionals. Discover how you can join BVU in cultivating economic growth by visiting their website.

Studio 12

12 South 6th Street
Estherville, IA 51334

Studio 12 is a collaborative coworking space connecting entrepreneurs with the innovative resources necessary to accelerate the next generation of dynamic Iowa businesses. To learn more about how to get involved check out their website.

Spencer Collaborative

20 W 6th Street, Suite 301
Spencer, IA 51301

Spencer Collaborative is a coworking space for the community. Our facility offers affordable opportunities to work alongside and connect with others who, like you, value collaboration. Picture dozens of people specializing in many different fields working alongside one another in one shared space. These creatives, professionals, and craftspeople aren’t just working next to each other, though. . In coworking spaces, members are empowered and encouraged to bounce ideas off one another and utilize each others’ expertise. Check it out!